Persius is a talent recognition platform enabling people across the world to not only showcase their talent, improve or learn new skills, teach their skills but to also get recognized by the best in the respective fields. Persius allows users to create a brand for themselves by showcasing their talent to the target audience. Persius allows every talent category like dance, sports, cooking, music or any unique talent that you may possess. There are multiple institutions, sports , dance academies, and other organisations working with us who are always on the lookout for fresh talent..

We have partnered with 200+ academies from across the globe across categories like Art galleries , sports academies , dance and music academies
Talent Scouted
500+ Athletes and Artists were found through Persius from across the globe by our partners who are into events , movies , music , arts and sports
Global Reach
Users of the platform are from almost 150+ countries
Talent Categories
Users can post their work across 15 Categories


For the artists and Scouts


Are you looking for an artist or an Athlete ? Persius will help you with your search and identify the right talent for you

Online Training

Artists or athletes can impart their wisdom to aspiring talents through persius and reach out to a much wider audience around the world


Users can create and participate in competitions related to the talent categories listed on the platform


Users can faceoff with another user to show off their talent

Kids Talent Showcase

Parents can use the platform to showcase their kids talents

Print Your Art

Users can print their art materials through our partner services and also other users can buy these copyrighted(artists copyright) t-shirts through persius

Work With Us

Why our team

Persius is founded by a team of young and driven individuals who had a passion to create something to help people make an earning out of their hobby. The team has a vision to build a state of the art platform for people to showcase and get recognised for their hidden and undiscovered talents . As the world today is so small and with increasing competition in all spheres of life , there is a dire need of us to do what we love professionally as well.

Your career

At Persius you will be working with some of the most brilliant minds and will be part of innovation.

Come and Join Persius and be part of a team consisting of individuals with Software and Business Strategy background and aim to bring the world together in the most fun way imaginable .

Work With Us

Be part of a creative team

Be part of a team who is creating a platform for ages to enable users to maximise their potential

Please drop your email at [email protected] and mention the position you are looking for in the subject

Freelance Sales Consultant

Are you looking to make an earning in your freetime, you can do it through persius help in getting the artists get work through your contacts and earn

Please drop your email at [email protected] with subject as Freelance Sales Consultant


Hear from some of our users
Vibin Chander
Musician / Painter
Persius is helping artist to reach new avenues and also provide access to a global audience intersted in artists
Rashmi Bartwal
Persius provided me with an oppurtunity to polish my skills as a Singer and reach out to a lot of music labels and event managers
Subin Joseph
Persius allowed me to reach out to a global audience with my photography and i have recieved a lot of appreciation from across the globe
Nini P Suresh
Persius provided me with a platform to showcase my art to the world