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How does Persius Platform help new as well as upcoming artists ?

We believe its through engagement and a system which will involve them to improve their skills through feedback and suggestions. As a new artist, it's important to showcase your work to the right audience.

How to find the right audience ?

It's all about meeting supply and demand. Persius works with Art galleries, Art Connoisseurs and understands their requirements to find the right talent for them. This helps the other way around as well, where in, we get new artists and help them target specific galleries or scholars.

How does Persius ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all artists?

We have identified a list of factors, which are sought after by most Art galleries, with which, we come up with a unique rating to identify the right talent and match them with the scout .

We use AI and Deep learning to achieve this and are constantly improving the rating system to suit the need of the hour. Also, since it is a technical algorithm that determines the rating of the artwork, there is no scope for personal biases or preferences. Hence, an artist, established or upcoming, has an equal and fair chance to get recognized by the target audience.

How is Persius different from other platforms which showcase artworks?

While most platforms are a good place for an artist to showcase his or her work, however, the way you get noticed may not work for all. For instance, a particular post got 100 views and the other one got 2000 views. The reason for getting 2000 views depends on factors which may have no relation to the quality of the artwork, i.e. the artists' existing network of friends, followers & so on. But can it be determined that the painting with 2000 views is better than the one with 100 views? Well, Its just one factor, but there are numerous other ones which go unnoticed. Persius aims to precisely bridge this gap by determining the Rating of the work based on various factors instead of just one and connecting the artists with art lovers & vice versa.

How does Persius help in this time of economic slow down ?

Even from the comfort of your homes, you can use Persius to get hired for various gigs, short term or long term. You can also get recognized by galleries to showcase your work. Current crisis doesn't at all hinder you from getting noticed through Persius as we help artists view you to monetize even at these times. We also help galleries to reduce the expense on manual and extensive scouting which they usually do . The artists realize their creative freedom as we let them focus on their skills as artists while we take care of promoting their work.

Why Persius ?

Persius is a team of young dreamers with an aim to help fellow aspiring artists and other talented individuals to find a career in their passion. With our unique AI based rating platform, we intend to provide a one stop solution for all art lovers to understand the potential of artwork.

What else is there on Persius for Artists?

Persius competitions can be run for various talent categories and can be created by institutions or artists. Categories can be judged on various factors as created by the user. It can be based on likes or ratings or can be decided based on judges' preferences.

There are dfferent types of Competitions:

1. Public Competition : Open for all

2. Private Competition : Open based on invites from owners

3. Challenge : Users can challenge their friends

4. Face Off : Only 2 participants faceoff

How to take part in Persius Competitions?

Users can participate in Open competitions by clicking on "Add your entry" while for Private Competitions, they can post based on invites from Competition Owners.

How does Scouting Work?

Persius helps scouts (Art Galleries, Institutions, Academies, etc) to find the best artists who match the scout's requirements