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by Persius Talents

9 common mistakes all HRs should avoid to retain best talent :

In this fast moving Corporate world, employing people is not as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, retaining those employees is a much more difficult & a crucial task. So here are 10 mistakes that an HR must avoid to retain the best talent:


1.Improper or lack of training : 


It is equally important to train the employees as it is to delegate responsibilities to them. A proper training for a specific time duration is very important for employees to bring out the best in them and only after the adequate training one can evaluate their strengths and put them in right direction for benefits of both organisation and employees. 


2.Not imparting knowledge on Stress management  : 


While alloting tasks to employees the HR should keep in mind to teach them how to manage stress while doing their daily tasks. Proper management of stress can lead to more creativity and productivity in the workplace and most of all, it can lead to a reduced amount of absenteeism and low attrition rates at the workplace. 


3.Creativity transformation :  


Allowing employees to engage in creative tasks will help them come up with better solutions to problems and challenges faced in the organisation. Also a creative transformation can lead to employees having a better approach to problem solving and attending to their responsibilities in a better way in the 


Creative programs like Workshops or promoting healthy competition from all fields among employees should be encouraged as such options can give them a chance to interact more and also give a platform to showcase their other creative talents which would promote  a healthier work environment. 


4.Not being concerned enough about Health and wellness  : 


With the highly challenging work environment, employee burnout is one of the biggest concerns these days. It is important to identify the early signs of burnout in employees but it is more important to prevent it altogether by implementing powerful Wellness programs for employees. 

Wellness programs should have a clear objective defined with a vast variety of options to choose from for employees, in order to suit everyone’s comfort level. 

Be it an exercise routine (yoga, or any other form of fitness), or therapy workshops/individual sessions; one size does not fit all. So it is important to have a mix of various options to devise an effective wellness plan for the year. 


5.Not investing enough time and resources for Employee Engagement :


Bringing employees in an organisation and selecting the right candidate is a critical task but even more critical is to keep them engaged in the organisation in the right manner. With the right engagement programs an employee can learn and adapt easily to the culture of the company and reach the epitome of his/her efficiency. Even if the company has less than 100 employees or more, it is important to park a budget for employee engagement and devise an effective plan for every year. 


6. Not choosing the right programs for employees: 


While having an employee engagement & wellness program is necessary but more important is to have the right kind of programs tailor-made for your employees’ interests. Like all job related training programs, even employee engagement & wellness programs need to innovate on a yearly basis. Motivational Talks , speeches by industry leaders, wellness advisors or innovative Art workshops, Dance movement therapy are just some of the up-and-coming & highly effective employee engagement programs which are being considered by top organizations these days. 

The reason is that such programs not only focus on engagement  but also tap into the inner feelings of employees and hence promote inclusivity in the organization. Innovating these programs from time to time  can lead to a change of pace from daily routine and give employees a chance to work with fresh minds at new projects of company and generate new 

and innovative techniques for their responsibilities and duties.


7. Not giving enough opportunities to learn new skills : 


A HR shall maintain a workplace balance with learning experiences among employees. Investing in the right employee from time to time for their growth can ultimately lead to a win - win situation for the organisation as those skills can enhance the efficiency of employees. While enhancing their vocational skills is important but investing time and effort into learning creative skills is crucial as well. Even though many of us possess some talents & interests, however, as adults we tend to invest lesser to no time at all in recreational activities like art, music, dance, etc.  Learning or practicing such skills can not only help de-stress an individual but also help with developing creative decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. 

Persius offers Unique & Interactive Creative Online Courses & Workshops for Employee engagement & wellness. Contact here. 


8.Not enough focus on Knowledge sharing : 


Allowing employees a platform where they can engage with experts and learn from their experience is the best life lesson you can provide to your employees. It will not only light more wisdom in them but also take the organisation one step closer to success with every keynote/talk. Speakers from different backgrounds like Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Investors, Wellness Advisors, Life Coaches, Women Leaders across different domains can highly influence employees in a positive way. 



9.Not preparing for Change:  


With the fast moving world,employees should be taught how to match the energy of the new comers and only then we can retain the best employees in the organisation. By imparting knowledge of upcoming technologies & trends, Right value of change management , employees can learn to manage their tasks & responsibilities in a better way , giving the organization a higher chance to retain that pool of experienced talent. offers a solution to all these challenges at one place. Be it workshops, talks and speeches by experts, employee engagement programs, art/music & other sessions for creativity or even competitions and extensive change management programs

Persius offers all at one place. In the era where employee management & wellness is considered the biggest concern for all companies, Persius makes it easy by offering a plethora of choices in the easiest way possible. 


Contact the team here for a Tailor-made program for your employees. 


By Khushboo Wadhwani 



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