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by Jyotsna Shekhawat

From Music Composition to Hatha Yoga - Top 5 Online courses to opt for in 2022

From Music Composition to Hatha Yoga - Top 5 Online courses to opt for in 2022

Looking to engage your creative side? Persius brings Top Creative courses for adults and kids from all regions and countries. All courses are conducted in a Live Interactive mode. 

Be it learning new skills or practising & honing your existing talent, check out these top courses to up your game this year:

  1. Become a trained Singer with these Vocal Music Courses 

Always had a knack for singing but never had the confidence to sing in public? Opt for these Singing courses and learn the basics of music and the type of songs you always wished you could sing confidently!

Choose between Classical Vocal Music Classes, Contemporary Western Vocal Music Classes, Pop Songs, Bollywood Songs and more.

Through these courses, you’ll develop an understanding of:

  • Basics of Music - solfège, Do re mi, Saa re ga ma 
  • Develop a sense of rhythm
  • Contemporary or old songs and how to train your vocal chords to sing various notes
  • Singing confidently and clearly
  • Understanding your own style of singing and choosing the right songs for performances 
  • Continue at your own learning pace & interest
  • Access Western Singing classes here 
  • Access Indian Classical here 
  • Access Carnatic Music here 
  1. Compose the music of your choice by taking this Music Composition & Production Course 

Music Production includes creating & capturing musical notes and  preserving them. While it sounds complicated, in this course you will learn the basics of how music is composed by understanding a few easy techniques. 

You’ll develop a understanding of:

  • The basics of music theory
  • Contemporary or old songs and how to train your mind to mix sounds and music
  • Keys
  • Songwriting basics
  • Chords
  • Melodies, leads & bass lines

Access Music Composition & Production course here 

Other Instrumental Music Courses:

Access Drums Course here

Access Guitar classes here

Access Piano/Keyboard classes here

  1. Make portraits of your family, friends by taking this Realistic Portrait Sketching Course : 

Art by Debangshu D: 

If you love sketching or any form of Art, this course is perfect for you. Drawing faces from memory has never been easier. Learn to sketch like a professional artist.

 The key takeaways from thai course:

  • Basics of Sketching
  • Face shapes and structure
  • Shading
  • Using Charcoals, Graphite pencils for various purposes
  • How to capture the nuances of a face to create an identical portrait
  • How to highlight and enhance the features
  • Draw from a photo, Draw from life , 
  • Copy a master , 
  • Create quick sketches
  • Continue at your own learning pace & interest

Access the Course here 

Other Art courses: 

Access Caricature Course here 

Access Resin Art, Acrylic Painting course here 

  1. Dance to your favourite music by taking this Belly Dance Course 


Belly Dance is one of the oldest forms of dance from the Egyptian region while it has been transformed into various new forms in recent years.  Belly dance is an excellent dance form to help with body balance and strength. It also helps in toning your muscles and improves coordination abilities.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Building strength for lengths and core 
  • Learn to use the core muscles to move them in a way you could never before
  • Fun learning through latest Bollywood, Arabic music. 

Access Belly dance courses here 

Other Dance courses:

Access Latin, Flamenco Dance here 

Access Salsa Class here

Access Indian Classical dance class here

  1. Take the first step towards a healthy life with these Yoga courses

The benefits of yoga are widely known across the world. With Persius’s courses, choose between Hatha or Ashtanga Yoga based on the goals you set for your healthy lifestyle. 

What you will learn step by step:

  • Complete body- Shivananda inspired sequence
  • Build strong Legs 
  • Focus on Core and arms
  • Opening Upper back 
  • Strengthening lower back
  • Hip Flexibility
  • Backends
  • Twists and Releases
  • Weight management or weight loss 

Access Hatha Yoga Course here

Access Ashtanga Yoga course here

Access Zumba course here

Access Boot camp, Cross fit courses here

View other Creative courses here . For any questions, contact us at [email protected]


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