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by Jyotsna Shekhawat

Persius, a creative talent platform, is transforming the Employee Wellness and Engagement programs for businesses.

Forbes has recently identified 2022 as the year of culture. Rightfully so, it is high time for employers to engage their employees in innovative ways in order to address the setbacks from the last 2 years of pandemic-affected work culture. Once again, it becomes imperative to evaluate and verify the companys happiness quotient.

Established in 2019, in Tallinn, ES, Europe with offices in India,  is a managed marketplace which connects creative talent to Businesses & Institutions. The platform offers yearly Wellness & engagement programs revolving around 3 types of creative expressions -

- Visual Arts,

- Vocal/Hearing

- Movement based expression.

A combination of Workshops/events, Online competitions, Live Interactive Courses are provided including options for those employees who want to pursue their hobbies or learn new skills.

Persius is working towards Sustainable Development Goals like gender disparity which unfortunately, still exist in the creative industry today. To overcome these problems, the platform offers equal and fair opportunity to all artists based on their talent & experience alone. The platform has more than 20,000 artists across categories like Art, Music, Dance, Fashion Design, Cooking, Standup Comedy, Self Defense and many more unique skills. The team also works closely with a curated list of Experts from specialised domains like Art Therapy, Music Therapy & engagement, Dance engagement, etc. who have an average experience of 15+ years working with Businesses & NGOs.

Since creativity plays an important role in mental well being and overall personality development, e.g., creating art boosts self-esteem, helps put people in a better mood and improves concentration. In the UK, there are a number of arts on prescription programmes including seated dance, creative writing, etc. Hence, out of the various options that Persius offers, Creative Therapy & engagement sessions are some of the most in-demand options for organisations today.

These Therapy sessions include different techniques to tap into our inner confidence, relieving stress, anxiety while providing a good engagement activity for employees to take a powerful and quick break from work. Also it helps them take an innovative approach to solve problems at work and outside. The engagement sessions are also focused on team building and customised further based on organizational goals.

However, wellness or engagement doesn't end at arranging one workshop or session. As adults, we tend to give much less time to recreational activities or hobbies, not realising that all-work-and-no-play does more harm than just giving us a dull lifestyle. Hence, it becomes vital for the Employer to promote Wellness through Creativity in a sporadic manner for its employees to take the first step towards a healthier tomorrow.

Throughout the yearly program, the skills which are introduced to employees are also taught through monthly Live courses where the tutor interacts with the students and reinforces learning through feedback.

Persius team consists of young and dynamic individuals who strive everyday to provide creative and innovative solutions to add Creativity to Workplaces. In March, various Creative programs and workshops by Persius were adopted by Corporate clients for International Womens Month celebration.

Verghese, HR Head at EnBridge Tech, India stated, As our company moved to a hybrid work culture, we introduced Persius programs for engagement & team building. The Art & music sessions & other unqiue experiences which Persius offers like Illusionist workshops were an immediate hit with the employees. Some employees who had a fear of public speaking, even sang their favourite songs in front of the large company crowd. Many employees enrolled for online creative courses and the Persius reward program has motivated the employees further to achieve the well-being milestones set for the year.

Syuhaidah Shamsi, Internal Communication & Engagement Manager at Foodpanda, Malaysia said Thank you to Persius for making this event happen! Persius team was extremely accommodating with our never-ending requests. As the organiser of the event, I am utterly grateful to have worked with all of you."

Persius programs have been adopted by various companies from the Middle East, Asia, Europe- UK, France and some parts of Africa. Businesses looking to hire creative talent can either work closely with Persius Account managers for customised yearly programs or simply filter their searches on the website itself to accommodate their stand-alone needs.

Bibin M, COO & Co-founder for Persius said, Persius is transforming the way people look at Creative skills. It is not just a good way to pass time or a hobby, as one might say, but Creative options like Art, Music, Dance, etc. have the power to achieve the unthinkable. Today they are popularly used in the healthcare industry as some of the most effective methods for treating trauma and many kinds of mental or physical illnesses. Hence, Persius is aiming to bring creativity in all these and other forms to people around the world.

To unlock a Creative Employee Wellness & Engagement program for your organization, Click here


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