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by Persius Team

Women in Art

When it comes to Art, what names usually pop up in your minds, Da vinci, Michelangelo? . But how many of us have heard of a Renaissance painter, Judith Leyster?

While she was successful during her lifetime, her reputation suffered after her death. Her entire oeuvre was passed off as work either by her contemporary Frans Hals or by her husband. Her signature was covered by collectors looking to make a profit due to the high market value of Frans Hals’ work.

As per the latest Art Basel & UBS Report (The Art Market 2019), although there are improvements made in terms of representation of Female Artists in the global Art Market ,still the gap is quite evident as you can see in the graph below .

Why is it that even in today’s digital & well-connected times, Female artists still struggle to get recognized and make a name for themselves? Can we bridge the gap by selecting/recognizing Artists purely based on their work & not based on their gender,race,religion or background?

Persius aims to be the catalyst for this talent driven Market. Be it Art, Photography, Sculpting, Persius caters to all creative talents, giving a fair & equal opportunity to everyone.

If you would like to be part of this Amazing Artist Comunity Persius, sign up now at, post details of your work in your profile, select Talent Categories which you are interested in and start contributing!

For any questions or to sign up as an Online Tutor, please send us an email at [email protected]

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