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by Persius Team

Why are Digital platforms needed for Art Evaluations?

The traditional Art evaluation process is not just subjective and unclear but is also extremely complex and biased to some extent. The criteria recognized to evaluate artwork in the past few centuries has been ambiguous with no clear process defined. Considering today’s fast changing Digital world, can we use Digital engagements for a real evaluation criterion for Art work?

The major challenges faced in the Traditional Evaluation Process

  1. Limited number of Artists or Art work can be evaluated within a period of time
  2. Geographic Limitations
  3. Subjective Evaluations
  4. Less data points to evaluate new Artists

Major benefits Digital Evaluations can bring in

  1. Unlimited number of evaluations
  2. No geographic limitations
  3. Objective and data driven evaluations
  4. More data available to make an informed decision on new Artists as well

How does AI & Digital Engagement help with a transparent and objective Art Evaluation?

Digital engagement can remove geographic & gender based impediments in the evaluation process and increase the number of evaluations done substantially . In addition to this , the evaluation process will be more data driven in addition to the traditional evaluations so as to be more objective and hence transparent .

The major thing is Digital evaluation should facilitate more robust Evaluation which can make the Art industry more organised and also provide more & equal opportunities for new as well as established Artists. This will also enable more Art Enthusiasts to follow their Passion.

How Art work is appreciated by the Art world with a categorised evaluation of real art buffs and inferences from amateur enthusiasts categorised accordingly to give a real value to the evaluation, can be clearly defined in a Digital Evaluation Process.

Some of the benefits as mentioned by BenWalmsley Associate Professor in Audience Engagement, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

  • Digital engagement with audiences can facilitate cognitive decoding and enhance kinaesthetic and emotional responses during an artistic event.
  • Digital platforms can encourage a slower, deeper, more relational and more democratic artistic engagement with audiences.
  • Digital platforms can encourage and facilitate slow, in-depth artistic critique.

Overall, the digital engagements platforms have demonstrated their potential to serve as an effective audience development tool and move audience engagement (and indeed the wider field of arts marketing) well beyond the standard transactional processes into a more artistic, human, dialogic realm.

We need to demonstrate how networked publics in this participatory era seek engagement opportunities that might lead to enrichment, rather than transactional marketing communications that merely seek to attract them.

Does Digital Interaction help in Evaluating Art ?

How does Digital Interactions (like , comment etc) impact evaluating the Art or Artists . The digital interactions can tell us about the marketability of the Artists or the Art work on various factors . This does not essentially always mean the Artist is the most talented but this shows the marketability . This is also an essential part in the evaluation as to know the marketability as in to help in deciding the valuation of the Art . The online art market has increased substantially from the past five years (by 72%), with more than 71 percent of art collectors having purchased some form of art online in 2018 .

How Persius helps in Art and Artist Evaluation ?

This is where Persius comes into picture , where we use advanced AI based logic to facilitate the evaluations using various factors which can help to evaluate more Artists with a data driven process rather than the traditional techniques .

We incorporate not only digital interaction but also traditional points of evaluation to come up with a set criteria to evaluate all Artists & their work in a fair & transparent way. Some of these factors are given below:

  • Technique
  • Creativity
  • Marketability
  • Engagements
  • Ceiling ( To what level Artist can reach )
  • History
  • Skill

This helps in coming up with objective evaluation which can help more artists be recognised based on the work and expand the ARt market to a bigger horizon , thereby helping more and more Artists to pursue Art as a profession.

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